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Photography is a unique language, pouring expression and ideas into a single image, and for that image to convey its story to each of us. Limitless possibilities equal limitless experiences, we bring ourselves into a picture, often changing the dynamic as we enter the story. I love how photographs affect each of us so uniquely, the creator creates and the viewer discerns. The original ethos may be lost within the viewers imagination, it doesn't matter. What matters is that the viewers mind is engaged and they leave with a fresh perspective.


My work responds to my own philosophies; examinations of my interactions within the world, diving deep beneath the psychology of human emotion, our intrinsic relationship with each other, and most of all, our essential connection to nature.  


Immersing ourselves within the natural landscape can be truly affecting on the psyche. The rawness of nature has the ability to trigger deep rooted primal instincts and emotions, enabling us to reconnect with ourselves and everything around us. In my series Synapses I combine science with metaphor to demonstrate this innate connection and its powerful effect on the heart and brain.


Our planet is wildly dynamic, it’s the ultimate playground offering an immense plethora of experiences. I’m sad to see nature being destroyed so quickly and ruthlessly, and pray that people find their own way to reconnect with the natural world before it’s too late. Working behind the lens enables me to externalise these thoughts and beliefs.


Fundamentally, I use photography to visually manifest ideas, to generate moods, open doorways in time, and allow others to share in the process. I aim to create spaces for people to consider our relationship with nature, to spark something in the imagination, and hopefully inspire others to embrace the natural world in all its glory.

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