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Samye Asher is a fine art photographer whose work seeks to shine a light on the importance of our connection to nature, often combining science and metaphor to express his vision.


“Asher uses photography as a tool to evoke the stillness that can be felt through experiencing the natural world and its elements. Assisted by studio lighting that is constructed within his landscapes, Asher creates uncanny scenes that are meeting points between nature and science, the internal and the external, and reality and fantasy. His otherworldly photographic compositions offer viewers a space to reflect on their connection with nature, in a world increasingly consumed by technology and popular culture. “ - Singulart


Born in Cornwall, UK. Samye spent most of his childhood outdoors immersed in nature, the rugged beauty of this environment has become the inspiration for much of his work. Throughout his life Samye has travelled extensively capturing natures diversity along the way, his natural affinity with the landscape shines through in his imagery, with his series Synapses being featured in exhibitions globally and receiving various awards in the process.


Currently based in Barcelona, Samye continues to expand his awareness through his photography, ever in the pursuit of new perspectives.

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